Saturday, April 28, 2012

When in doubt, Call the Cops

A Simple Rule: When in Doubt, Call the Cops

This week I want to share with you some issues that are happening in various parts of Miami-Dade. The last couple of weeks I have received e-mails from residents who are concerned with strangers in the neighborhood.

From Frank in the city of Miami: Carmen, yesterday I was cutting the grass and there was a woman selling magazines for her children school. I asked what school and she couldn't remember. She has a bunch of subscription books with her that looked legit but I wasn't comfortable with the situation. Should I have called the police?

From Nancy in Northside: I am having troubles with kids skipping school and hanging out on their front porch. Sometimes there are 10 or 15 kids just hanging out, not really doing anything wrong, but they should be in school. Should I call the police like you said in one of your articles? I don't want them to get a record, but surely they are not learning while hanging all day.

From Jessica in Cutler Ridge area: Yesterday I was coming home and there was a truck that said ``Air Condition Repair.'' The letters were hand painted, which there is nothing wrong with, that but it looked like he was just wandering and not really looking for an address. I called out to him and asked if he was lost, and he said no just checking to see if anyone needed his service. He stopped in front of a couple of houses, two that are abandoned. A couple of weeks ago someone broke into an abandoned foreclosed house, took all the wiring, yet no one called the police. Will the police come even though the house is abandoned?

The answer to all of the above is whenever you are not comfortable with any situation in your neighborhood, calling the police is the best way to go, no matter where you live. Let the police check it out. Readers, I can't stress enough the importance of calling the police when in doubt. That is called crime prevention.

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