Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Facts on litter

Litter is a costly problem. Highway departments spend
millions of tax dollars and many hours annually picking up
litter—money and time needed for more important services.
Local, state, and federal governments also spend money
removing litter left by careless park visitors.
Clean communities also have a better chance of attracting
new businesses than those where litter is common.

One person can make a difference!

1 comment:

  1. I picked up several of those nuisance "Briefing" newspapers from the Dallas Morning News today. Several of them are yellow, half decomposed and have been laying in the street for several weeks. Besides the fact that this newspaper has been a complete and utter waste of paper and time, it is also trashing neighborhoods all over Lewisville, Texas.

    What I plan on doing with the "Briefing" newspapers is to bundle them all up, pack them in a box and send them back to The Dallas Morning News.

    Or we could just recycle them.