Sunday, February 22, 2009

I would like everyone to take a look at the creek off of Belaire.

The Lions Club was good enough to (for the fifth year in a row) clean up the Fox Creek. See one of the lions club members wives was ask what would she like for her birthday. She said "I would like the creek cleaned", since she walked her dog on the walking path next to the creek and always saw the litter that was riddling this beautiful, natural water way. So the Lions Club member called on his brothers to help him with this project and they answered in a big way.
I was helping them clean up the creek and let me tell you it was like night and day the impact was instantaneous. The Lions Club was told about our clean up day on Feb. 28th, this coming up Saturday so they cleaned up in more tricky area closer to the water. That way when we do our neighborhood cleaning it will be safer for us to work closer to the top of the creek.

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