Monday, April 20, 2009

Crime Watch Signs

The Lewisville Police Department are now going to supply proven active Neighborhood Crime Watches with Block Captains and proven participants with NCW signs.
This is a HUGE expense!!! I spent nearly $300 for 10 signs for our neighborhood.
If we can get a Block Captain for each street and 1 out of 4 homes involved with the Neighborhood Crime Watch we can get this neighborhood covered with NCW signs.

The Lewisville Police Department also are having small signs
(like those security signs for your yard) printed up and will be giving those signs for active participant in the crime watch, but this is NOT set in stone yet.

The City of Lewisville is really getting commited to trying to keeping the crime OUT of Lewisville. We have already doubled the crime watches in Lewisville and are starting new crime watch every week!

One person can make a difference!!!

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