Friday, October 9, 2009




DATE: October 7, 2009

RELEASED BY: Captain Kevin Deaver

The Lewisville Police Department is investigating two incidents of theft involving Jorge Morales Roofing and Fence. The first known incident occurred on August 8th when a resident on Elmwood Drive was approached by Jorge Morales about repairing a damaged roof. The resident agreed to have the roof replaced and paid the suspect $2,000. The suspect partially removed the roof and left for the day. Neither the suspect nor his crew returned to finish the work.

The second known incident occurred on September 28th when a resident on Marblehead Drive was approached about needing a new roof. The resident stated that she gave Morales a total of $1,300 dollars to complete the job. She said Morales disappeared without doing any of the work promised.

Jorge Morales has been charged with theft in connection with both incidents.

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