Friday, April 2, 2010

Neighborhood Sale

The weekend of April 17th Neighborhood Sale

Do you need to clean out the garage?
Let's all get together and have a neighborhood sale to keep the traffic down in the Timberbrook Area#3 neighborhood. It will be easier to keep an eye out for our Neighbors if we are all out at the same time.
Each household will have to get there own Sale Permit from the City at City Hall. I believe that we can even go to the City of Lewisville website to get a permit as well. Sale can will be from Friday- Sunday (set up whenever you can during these days)
So let's get things cleaned out and maybe even make a little money.

#1 Have everything priced
#2 Let people know about the sale date

#3 Team up with with a neighbor, (Can help each other, makes the sale look bigger, only one permit needed, get to know your neighbor a little better)

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