Friday, December 17, 2010

Prevention Works!


We all know the drill. 2010 is coming to a close and right about now is the time for those beloved, yet often-forgotten New Year’s resolutions. Lose those last five (or fifty) pounds, quit smoking, work less, play harder; whatever your vice is, now is the time to choose to get rid of it and move forward! The season is alive and well with goal-driven energy and it is only right that we make the best of it.

Though most resolutions are motivated by personal reward, why not try something new this year and consider not only how you can help yourself but also how you can support your local community and address an issue that is a concern for everyone. Ask yourself in 2011, what can I do to prevent crime in my community? What can I do to help the youth I pass everyday stay out of trouble? Even the smallest acts of service are effective in crime prevention. To help get you started, try some of these ideas:

Become more active in the community by participating in or starting a Neighborhood Watch program

Ensure your children know how to handle bullying situations. You can watch NCPC’s “Samantha’s Choice” video for a simple conversation-starter

Volunteer at a community center to conduct activities for youth

Whatever activity you choose, make sure to engage your own interests so that it is fun for you. As many of us know, it’s easier to stick to those resolutions that we find enjoyable. The important thing to remember is that the new year is a new opportunity to do something bigger and better than we did before and what better way to start the year off right than to do our part to prevent crime and be the change we want to see in society

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