Thursday, March 17, 2011

ATM Skimmers in use here

The Lewisville Police Department is investigating approximately 30 incidents where victim’s credit cards were used fraudulently. In each case, the victim’s PIN number and credit card information was compromised. Detectives believe the credit card information and PIN numbers were obtained when victim’s used the cards at ATM’s or gas stations where they would have had to enter a PIN number.
Criminals are able to obtain the information needed with the use of “skimmers”. “Skimmers” are placed on devices where credit cards are accepted into a machine. The “skimmers” reads the magnetic strip on the credit card to obtain the customer information. There are also usually cameras attached to see the PIN that customers enter. The “skimmers” do not affect the transaction so it usually goes on undetected.

The criminals then retrieve the “skimmers” and use the information to clone the credit card. The criminals can then use the cloned card with the PIN to access the victim’s account and take cash from the bank account.
“Skimmers” are extremely difficult to detect. Attached are a few examples of what “skimmers” look like. Customers should avoid using ATM’s in isolated areas. Those areas are targeted because criminals can place the “skimmers” on the machines without being detected. Customers should also cover their PIN entry with their opposite hand. This prevents concealed cameras from picking up the PIN that was entered.

If a “skimmer” is detected on a machine, immediately contact the law enforcement agency where the machine is located.


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