Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crime Alert

On 4-15-09 at about 8:30 a.m. a black male subject went to a home on the 400 block of Preston Oaks Drive.
The male rang the door bell multiple times. The resident did not answer the door.
The male went to the back of the house and removed the screen and raised an unlocked window.
The resident confronted the male as he was coming into the home through the window.
The male exited the home and left running east bound in the alley. No property was taken.

Prior to the above incidents officers were told that suspects in a different residential burglary was driving
A black, older beat up, car.

On 04-15-09 just after the above incident officers were in the area looking for the suspect.
In a neighboring subdivision an officer saw a tall muscular black male knocking on a door.
The officer guessing the male saw him. The male got into an older black Lexus and drive off
A second officer observed the officer and began to follow. The male made a quick left turn into
The town home parking lot, trying to lose the officer, not realizing it was a dead in.

The black male was arrested for unrelated charges. Detectives will be following up on possible connections to offenses in the area.

Burglars have also shattered patio doors. Kicked in back doors. And cut phone lines. Sometimes cutting the phone line will
Activate the alarm system.

Also, a group of 4 Hispanic males 20 - 30 years of age, one with long hair were observed breaking
Into a residence and fleeing the scene in an older dark colored four door vehicle, possibly a ford unknown model.

It appears that there are multiple burglars operating in so many different ways.

Remind neighbors to secure items and mark property with "TXDL_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ “Their driver license number.
If an officer detains a possible suspect they can check items located in the car, in their pockets, or in their home with this number.
The property owner has better chance of having their property returned. And that gives officers probable cause to arrest.

There have been vehicles targeted for Tires and Specialty Rims. Thieves may be using a large pickup truck or Cargo / Mini Vans to transport stolen wheels from the area. Report any vehicle tags or vehicle descriptions that may be involved in these offenses that are observed acting suspicious or carrying tires through the city during hours of darkness.

REPORT ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY and PEOPLE to the police department at 972-219-3640.

All calls are important and may be crucial in catching offenders committing offenses throughout the city

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