Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crime Watch Heads Up

There has been an increase of day time home burglaries in Lewisville
over the last two weeks. Most have been west of I-35.
In most cases small items have been removed.

Truck fancy rims/wheels are still a popular items for thieves.
Keep Radar Detectors, Ipods, MP3s, GPS out of sight when stored
inside their cars. This includes the mounting brackets.
At home, remind residents to keep valuables in a safe place.
And mark all property with
"TXDL 0123456". (Their Texas Driver License Number)

Report all strangers / strange activity to the police
Include person description male / female, white / black
tall / short Hair color, clothing: shirt pants / shorts

Vehicle: Color Year Make Model License plate number.
number of people in the car.

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