Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crime is soaring in Airports

With last minute vacations before school starts and business trips, there’s been crime soaring at airports. The New York Post states: “Larcenies are up nearly 30 percent from the first half of 2010 and the arrest rate is a pathetic 9 percent.” Included in the figures are thefts from baggage carousels, swiped property left unattended, and thefts by baggage handlers and other employees. The most frequently stolen items are laptops and iPads.
In order to prevent this from happening to your personal belongings there are some crime prevention tips to follow:
  • Carry your purse close to your body, or your wallet in an inside front pocket. Consider wearing a money pouch under your clothes.
  • Never leave your bags unattended or behind your back where you cannot see them.
  • Avoid displaying expensive items such as laptops, cameras, jewelry, and luggage that might draw attention. Your aim should be to blend in with the crowd, Not Stand Out.
  • Stay especially alert and watch your bags carefully at all times. Don’t let anyone but uniformed airline personnel handle or watch your bags.

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