Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bike Safety to concider

There are 10 key points to consider for keeping
your bike in top condition.

1. Make sure your seat is at the right height.

This is when the knee bends slightly when

you have the pedal pushed all the way down.

2. Make sure the seat is good and tight to

prevent it from turning.

3. Make sure your tires are inflated properly

and the spokes are nice and straight.

4. Make sure your brakes will stop in a safe


5. Make sure your chain and sprocket are tight

and keep them oiled regularly.

6. Make sure your pedals aren’t loose and they

don’t wobble.

7. Make sure your handle bar is tight and has a

horn and rear view mirror.

8. Mount a headlight on your front fender or

handle bars if you are going to be out after


9. Make sure you have reflectors installed on all

sides of your bike.

10. Chain guards should be installed to protect

against catching clothing in the chain.

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